EXAMINING THE LYRICS TO RAEKWON CRIMINOLOGY - There are numerous cases of violence which are portrayed to an almost grandiose manner in rap songs, and the RaeKwon Criminology lyrics are no different.  Made up of a number of segments of lyrics, this rap music takes place virtually as if on stage as a discussion between two people.  It opens up with a conversation between two individuals in just this way, before it goes into the song itself.  In the opening dialogue, two men are arguing and in the middle of a verbal debate that sounds as if it is about to turn violent and bodily, with the ending line being “You wanna go to struggle?”  This makes it very clear what the intentions of the men are.

They want to be aggressive and violent within the face of the individual that they imagine is holding them back or taking advantage of them.  There are names that are mentioned which might assist to name consideration to the racial rigidity that will exist between the 2 males, which is explored in more element all through the opposite segments of the song.

Within the first stanza of the music, the person that is talking seems to be constructing himself up and calling consideration to his means to outmaneuver those who would attempt to capture him or stop him from succeeding in no matter it is that he wants to do.  “Then I react, like a convict, and begin killin” is a line that is notably indicative of the nature of the individual.  They are adopting the mentality of that which they have experienced via their formidable years.

The remainder of the dialogue continues as an example the points of pride for the speaker which he finds in himself, as he also tries to play off any sense of responsibility or morality which will have in any other case existed within the scenario had his place been filled by another person who was not as “sparkin and bustin” as the narrator is.  Due to his talents, he considers himself to be successful and hardcore to some degree.

The subsequent portion of the music is a response.  In chatting with the primary individual, this new speaker is trying to maintain that he has not only extra capacity than the first speaker, but additionally that he has more road credibility, which is nearly extra important.  He wants to toast with the primary speaker, however he additionally calls consideration to the truth that he has shot many people and watched them bleed.  Nowhere in his dialogue of these events does he seem to be apologetic for what he has done, and certainly he seems to react as if the individuals who went by means of this deserved this sort of treatment.  Instead of listening to those lyrics and perpetuating this type of violence between people who're trying to be extra “powerful” or “road” than anyone else, as a society people need to have a look at what it is that helps these kinds of ideas and desires.  By understanding what it's that individuals are trying to perform via this violence, perhaps we are able to come up with alternative ways to achieve the identical feelings of worthiness and respect.


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