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ACKO educates people about auto insurance policy through new campaign.

Digital insurance policy provider ACKO Insurance has launched a new campaign to empower consumers to make the best choice when purchasing insurance for their new car.

The campaign emphasizes that consumers don’t have to settle for the bundled insurance policy offered by the dealership. They can explore several options and choose the insurer that offers them the most advantageous and cost-effective policy for them.

The commercial depicts a new car owner celebrating his recent acquisition. His excitement is dampened when he learns that he could have saved a lot of money on his car insurance if he had considered the alternatives online and chosen to buy from ACKO. The owner of the new car is approached by a sympathizer who asks him if he has purchased insurance for his recently purchased car from ACKO. The owner expresses his frustration and dismay but can only regret not having consulted the ACKO app earlier.

Ashish Mishra, Executive Vice President of Marketing, ACKO General Insurance, said, “We know that during the holiday season people tend to buy a new car and one of the important decisions when buying is a car is to choose the insurance policy. Our campaign aims to raise awareness among consumers that checking insurance on ACKO before purchasing their new car can help significantly reduce the overall cost of purchasing the car.

Abhijit Avasthi, co-founder of Sideways Consulting, said, “ACKO is doing something really beneficial for auto buyers. I like the fact that as a brand they want to be a highly regarded and happy brand rather than behaving like a heavy insurance company. So, we had the license to have fun as long as the message was delivered. “

The campaign was launched on television, digital media and social media.

Watch the announcement here:

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