Gridserve to Export Business Model to Drive Expansion of Electric Vehicle Charging Network


Gridserve will open its business model to partners around the world, helping to accelerate the global deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Gridserve’s Sun-To-Wheel ecosystem includes hybrid solar and battery farms, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and EV solutions

The announcement, made today (November 8) at the COP26 summit, will see the company export its “Sun-To-Wheel ecosystem” – comprising solar parks and hybrid batteries, an infrastructure for recharging electric vehicles (EVs). ) and electric vehicle solutions – for loving partners around the world interested in accelerating net zero transport initiatives.

This, in turn, will reduce the time needed to mass deploy electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Toddington Harper, Founder and CEO of Gridserve, said: “To be serious about tackling the climate crisis, we need to think and act globally. This is why today, at COP26, we are launching the Gridserve Partner Network to share our knowledge, expertise and experience in the provision and operation of the UK’s main charging network, in order to ” help like-minded partners also quickly deliver the best possible electric vehicle charging networks. on a large scale all over the world.

Gridserve opened its Electric Forecourt in Essex in December 2020 and plans to open several more over the next 12 months; in total, more than 100 electric forecourts are expected to be built as part of a £ 1bn + investment program.

Over 50 additional power hubs, each comprising 6 to 12 350kW chargers, are also being built across the UK as part of a separate £ 100million + rollout, with the first site open at Rugby Services earlier this year and several additional venues are also under construction. In the last 100 days alone, Gridserve has installed new chargers at 100 locations.

Gridserve also builds and operates solar and hybrid battery farms and owns and operates the electric highway motorway network purchased from Ecotricity earlier this year.

It has also invested millions of pounds in research and development to provide and operate a functional, reliable and easy-to-use net zero electric recharging infrastructure, supported by Hitachi Capital UK Plc and TPG’s The Rise Fund, and has launched a net zero EV rental solution.

The new partner network offers partners the opportunity to invest themselves, or to co-invest alongside Gridserve, to establish their own electric vehicle charging networks in partnership with the company.

Toddington Harper added: “Everything we have accomplished in the UK has forced us to overcome enormous complexities and challenges – an experience we have taken years to develop. Now is the time to share these lessons with partners around the world and accelerate the shift to net zero transport. Our network of partners allows us to do just that, allowing others to capitalize on our market-leading electric vehicle charging solutions within their own networks and geographies.

Robert Gordon, CEO of Hitachi Capital (UK) Plc, added: “We are extremely pleased to support Gridserve in its next phase of growth as it launches the network of partners to export its unique expertise around the world and help like-minded partners all over the world. to deliver sustainable energy and get things done on climate change.

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