Nextbase Launches Discounted Auto Insurance Policy For Dash Camera Customers | Industry – Automotive News Nov 2021


Dash camera provider Nextbase has launched an auto insurance policy, Nextbase Insurance Services, which provides customers with access to discounted auto insurance premiums.

So far, 57.3% of its customers have saved more than 30% when purchasing a full auto insurance policy through Cornmarket Insurance Services (based on premiums paid versus figures from the ABI for the third quarter of 2020).

Drivers with dashboard cameras benefit from the ability to provide video evidence to their insurer in the event of an incident to prove they weren’t at fault and, according to Nextbase, this can help settle claims up to ‘to twenty times faster.

Nextbase research also shows that dashcam policy holders are 33% safer drivers, based on the telematics score.

Bryn Booker, Marketing Manager at Nextbase, said: “Building on our partnerships with a select group of insurers that offer dashboard camera discounts to Nextbase customers, we have now created a new category of insurers. auto insurance for our dash cam drivers so they get the discount on their auto insurance they really deserve for safer driving.

Customers with a full loss-free discount (nine years) can also choose to price their insurance policy for three years, with guaranteed premium and 36-month payment options.

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