Sloppy social media grammar sends the apostrophe out of business!

Recent research has revealed that some forms of punctuation are slowly disappearing due to social media and their usual character limit. Some forms of punctuation like the apostrophe slowly disappear. Meanwhile, sloppy grammar is becoming a norm on various social media apps.

Punctuation disaster as social networks bid farewell to the apostrophe!

Good grammar and punctuation are slowly becoming a thing of the past as social media users adjust to the character limit imposed by social media apps like Twitter and TikTok.

Researchers have found that the possessive apostrophe in plural nouns may soon disappear. This is because people try to make words as short as they can.

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Daily Mail reports that researchers at Lancaster University have found that informal and agrammatical language has become more and more prevalent over the past 30 years.

Words like your became “ur” and love became “luv”.

“We have experienced dramatic technological changes, which have transformed the way we communicate. Written language has become much more dynamic.

“We text or text friends and colleagues and get an immediate response, but we might have a hard time remembering the last time we wrote a letter.

“Many more people are also producing content for the general public via social media and websites,” notes Dr Vaclav Brezina, who led the study.

Here’s what internet users think

Former director Chris McGovern says the extinction of the apostrophe is a symptom of “linguistic laziness and dullness.”

warrior milianval said:

“It doesn’t really matter if you can understand what you’re trying to articulate. There’s too much grammar control.

roderik77 said:

“So we’ll see the gap between those who spend their time on social media and those who actually have a real life to lead. “

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