Thousands of key workers warned of auto insurance policy changes next week


Thousands of key workers have received a reminder about their auto insurance policy if they relaxed it during the pandemic.

Temporary measures were introduced last March to make it easier for key workers to get to work during the lockdown.

The added support meant that people, such as caregivers, who had to use their own cars to work or travel to different places to work and for volunteer purposes, would automatically see their insurance extended to include these tasks.

It also meant that policyholders did not have to contact their insurer themselves to update their documents or extend their policy.

However, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has confirmed that the temporary measures put in place to support motorists over the past year will end on April 30.

The ABI has revised its position and issued updated guidelines as restrictions continue to ease in England, on Mirror reports.

As of April 30, if you use your car for work or to commute to work, you will need to let your insurer know to make sure your policy includes it.

Most insurers will continue to support drivers using their own cars on a voluntary basis at no additional cost.

Ryan Fulthorpe, automotive expert at GoCompare, said: “To reflect changes in driving behavior as commuting and driving between different workplaces begins to accelerate, insurers have reconsidered their position.

“From May, drivers who have insured their cars only for social, domestic or pleasure purposes, but following the pandemic now use their cars to get to work, will have to upgrade their coverage.”

He added: “Following the end of insurers’ commitments to automatically extend coverage during lockdown, it is critical that drivers make sure their auto insurance covers them for their new normal use.

“If a motorist does not declare that he is going to work or driving for work, it could invalidate his insurance and driving without insurance carries heavy penalties.”

“So if you’ve started driving to and from work since the pandemic and aren’t sure if you’re covered, the best thing to do is to contact your insurer immediately so that your policy can be updated if necessary. . “

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